Macrame Cord 3MM ×200M, 4-Strand Cotton String Twisted, for Handmade Plant Hanger, Wall Hanging, DIY Crafts, Knitting, Decorative Projects Cotton String(Black)


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      🎁【Natural Cotton 3mm × 200M】 Padwa Lifestyle Macrame Cotton Cord is a lace cord with a diameter of 3 mm and a length of 200 meters, consisting of 4 threads. The cotton thread is packed in the form of spools, the silk thread does not tangle and you can cut the cotton thread to any length.

      🎁 【High Quality & Soft & Durable Materials】 Macrame Yarn is made of 100% pure natural high quality cotton and has been sieved layer by layer without waste and without any special smell. The cotton fiber is very soft to the touch, has a beautiful natural color and does not break easily. It can hold heavy decorations or kraft paper, it is very durable and can last a long time.

      🎁 【Creative DIY】 Natural Cotton Cord is long enough. You can use your imagination to weave cotton yarn items such as rugs, tapestries, table runners, etc. You can also add ribbons, beads, and other decorative materials such as dream catchers and garden baskets.

      🎁 【Widely Used】 Macrame Cord Thread is the most popular household product, suitable for lace items such as plant hangers, dream catchers, table runners, wedding decorations, wall hangings, etc. It is also suitable for gift wrapping, food ribbons, Christmas gifts, etc.
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